Robert C. Maynard

The Robert C. Maynard Institute just for Journalism Education is an American non-profit company which trains individuals of color to always be editors, reporters and publication columnists. It also aims to enhance their racial production in various marketing outlets. MIJE has successfully trained hundreds of students in numerous disciplines such as advertising, bookkeeping, graphic design, writing, print building, and creating. This institute’s mission is “to coach leaders that will maynard institute condition the American media panorama through innovative and ideal thinking. ” They provide the trainees with cutting-edge recommendations, and a residential area of support that can help the participants develop and put into action new recommendations.

The Maynard Institute designed for Journalism Diversity Plan was created to add to the number of highly skilled non-minority employs in American newspapers, magazines and catalogs and related newsrooms. Throughout the diversity plan, the diversity of viewpoints will be underlined in various newsrooms. This initiative focuses on elevating diversity in American mass media and will enable organizations to create diverse material and hire various employees. In addition to this, diversity training in Maynard newsrooms will give insight into how to generate a work environment that may be tolerant, encouraging, and democratic.

Robert C. Maynard was obviously a young man when he witnessed the lynching of Emmett Tillson in Mississippi. He was arrested along with civil legal rights activists and spent time in prison after his release. He afterwards became the president of your Maynard Commence, which is today known as the Robert C. Maynard School of Journalism. His late dad was a renowned journalist whom worked as being a writer and editor for quite some time and taught at the institution. Mr. Maynard was also the cousin recently Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, who was assassinated in 1960.

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