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What is fire alarm system

 A fire alarm system or device is a set of firefighting equipment that work together to notify and
reveal the occurrence of a fire in the organization or any other place.

Types of fire alarm system

 First, we must state that there are two manual and automatic fire alarm systems:

  • 1. Manual fire alarm system: The manual fire alarm system is a system that does not include an
    automatic detector and the alarm is initiated only by hand by a human. In fact, the manual fire
    alarm system does not work without an operator. All buildings that have an automatic fire
    alarm system must be Have a manual fire alarm system.
  • 2. Automatic fire alarm system: The automatic fire alarm system is a system that has a series of
    sensors that are sensitive to one or more fire products and are automatically activated when
    they are detected. The automatic fire alarm system includes two It is also a local and central

 Local automatic fire alarm system (individual): This means that an alarm is installed on the
detectors. Local detectors must have a lifespan of 5 years and a suitable battery for use.

 Central automatic fire alarm system: they have a central panel and the detectors send the
signal to the panel and the panel to the sirens etc.

Types of automatic fire alarm system

  • 1Conventional fire alarm system: When referring to fire alarm systems, you will most likely
    hear the term “conventional” or “conventional” fire alarm system. A conventional fire alarm
    system is a fire alarm that activates the detector area or the manual contact point is identified
    by an LED. This is different than a text message which is created in an addressable fire alarm
    system on an LCD screen. In fact, in conventional fire alarm system defines the boundary area
    of the fire.
  • 2. Addressable fire alarm system: An addressable fire alarm system is made of a set of fire
    detectors and devices that are connected to a central control panel. With addressable systems,
    each device has an address or location, which allows the detector to quickly identify the exact
    location of the fire. In other words, in the addressable fire alarm system, it accurately identifies
    the device that has an accident. A type of addressable fire alarm system is also called a smart
    fire alarm system.
  • 3. Wireless fire alarm system: Wireless fire alarm systems do not use any wiring between the
    fire control panel and other devices. Most of the fire alarm systems that are used today are
    wireless. One of the most advanced use smart technology and can be integrated into a smart
    home with various software applications. In wireless fire alarm systems, the signal from
    detectors is transmitted to the control panel with radio frequency. Wireless fire alarm system in
    places where It is not possible to wire or change and access all its points.

What is a smart fire alarm system?

 An intelligent fire alarm system is a set of firefighting equipment that are connected and
complete each other’s work, which by means of this equipment warns of the existence of
danger or the occurrence of an accident. As we mentioned above, a type of addressable fire
alarm system is known as a smart fire alarm system.


 Firefighting equipment, including detectors, collect data from the surrounding environment
based on the presence of smoke or heat, and these data are sent as signals to the control panel
or the central fire alarm system. As the core of the fire alarm system, the control panel checks
this data and sends the fire alarm command to warning devices such as sirens and flashers. In
fact, the control panel is the way of communication between detectors and warning devices.

Advantages of smart fire alarm system

  1. The smart fire alarm system has the ability to connect to other building security equipment.
    2. The maintenance and repair of the smart fire alarm system has low cost.

    3. It maintains the building 24 hours a day.

    4. In the smart fire alarm system, it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the detecting
    equipment by The person should be adjusted.

    5. The intelligent fire alarm system detects the possibility of fire.

    6. By timely detection of fire, heavy loss of life and property can be prevented.
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