Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Dates


For many people,  Mazafati Dates  are known as Bam Dates because these dates are mostly harvested in Kerman province and Bam city. Bam should be considered the birthplace and the main place for planting Mazafati date palms, which harvest the best type of Mazafati dates from this city, but despite this, Mazafati dates are also harvested in other cities of Kerman province and many other cities of Iran. They may have a slightly different quality than Mazafati Bam dates.

 The main characteristics of Mazafati dates are the dark black color of Mazafati dates. Of course, it can also be seen in dark brown color. Dates are semi-moist dates and have between 15 and 35% moisture. The added sweetness of dates is very balanced, which makes it not irritating to the throat. Due to the warm nature of this date and the large amount of flesh it has, it is often used in Adha ceremonies to strengthen the bones and energy of the pilgrims who may have been facing a lack of nutrition.

 In addition, the appearance of Mazafati dates is very elegant, is does not have a lot of stickiness and juice, and it can very well be used as a natural dessert for guests. Mazafati dates are low in juice, but still, this amount of juice is used to determine the quality of this date.

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