Pistachio is a green seed that has a very good taste and aroma. This seed has a lot of chlorophyll, that’s why its color is green. The shell of this seed is firm and helps to keep pistachios fresh. The nutrients in pistachios are so high that pistachios can be considered a complete food. Pistachios are very suitable for snacking and can provide vitamins to the body. Nutrients in pistachio are:

  • Vitamin A,E,C • Sodium  • Phosphorus  • Zinc • Potassium • Iron • Magnesium

 In general, pistachios are divided into two groups, round and long; which are known as Kale Ghochi, Fandgi, and Akbari… but traditionally in Iran about 90 types of pistachio are known; Some of them are widely and commercially cultivated and some are scattered and limited.

 The most important commercial varieties of Iranian pistachios are Akbari pistachio, Khanjari pistachio, Kale Ghochi pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Fandghi pistachio, and Ohadi pistachio.

Characteristics of High-Quality Pistachios:

– Pistachio Freshness
– Having the right appearance
– Pistachio Smiling
– absence of Abnormal color
– Available in Coated and Uncoated Forms
– Available in Bulk and Retailed 

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