Brick should be thoroughly burnt, of uniform color, having plane rectangular faces, sharp straight, right angle edges. Standard Modular size of common building brick is 190X90X90 mm. The size of a Non-Modular brick is 9″X4-3/8″X2-11/16″ (229X111X70 mm). But it is specified as 230X110X70 mm.

– The specification for building bricks is given in ASTM C 62.
 Joint thickness should be within the range of 6mm to 10mm depending upon the size of bricks.
The total height of 9 cm brick with 5 courses and 5 mortar joints shall be 50 cm. – Horizontal joints on every floor should be at the same level so as to allow proper bonding at junctions.
– The surfaces and edges of the bricks are sharp, square, smooth, and straight. – The minimum compressive strength of first-class bricks should be 10.5 N/mm2 (or 10 N/mm2).
– It can be taken as 100 kg/cm2. These bricks are used for superior work of permanent nature.

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