One of Tidots’s specialties is cement. Let’s get to know this product a bit more! 

I. Identifications


The raw materials of the cement industry are limestone, gypsum, silica, iron ore, alluvium, marl soil, pozzolana, slag, mineral oxides, etc.

Generally, the Function of cement can be summarized in 3 cases:

  1. Sticking sand and coarse aggregates together
  2. Fill the space between sand and coarse aggregates
  3. The formation of a dense mass 

Cement is a material which is applied to the surface of solid objects to hold them firmly together. To be more precise, cement is a powder which, after mixing with water, becomes soft and pasty (which hardens after drying) and is used for gluing stones, bricks, blocks, etc. in construction. Cement can be defined as an adhesive that is able to connect pieces of masses of solids together to form a compact mass.


II. Varieties of cement


Ordinary Portland Cement


Modified Portland Cement


Portland cement hardens quickly


Low heat Portland cement


Portland Cement Sulfate

III. Standards

Domestic Standards

Title Standard Number
Determining the properties of portland cement (part1) 389
Determining the softness of portland cement (part2) 390
Determining the expansion of portland cement (part3) 391
Determining the expansion of portland cement (part3) 392
Determination of compressive and flexural twist of portland cement (part 5) 393
Determination of portland cement hydration (part 6) 394
Chemical decomposition of cement measurement of the main elements of portland cement 1692
Chemical decomposition of cement measurement of portland cement by-products 1693-1

International Standards

IV. HS code

Tariff Product name CT SUQ
- Part five: Salt;Sulfur;soil and stone;lime and cement - -
25 Chapter twenty-five:Salt;Sulfur;Soil and stone;lime and cement - -
2523 Portland cement; aluminous cement; slag cement; supersulphate cement and similar hydraulic cements; whether or not colored or in the form of clinkers - -
- Portland cement - -
252321 white portland cement; whether or not artificially colored 5% KG
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