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One of Tidots specialties is Sanitary ware and Cartridges . Let’s get to know these products a bit more!

In general, sanitary valves have two main parts, namely the inner shell (the main base of the valve) and the outer cover, in the inner part, manufacturers usually use brass or dry lead alloy according to their orders. However, due to health issues, most producers today have switched from dry lead and are thinking more about using brass alloys, because lead if the valve is not plated properly, will dissolve against water over time and cause dangerous contaminants for people.

In the external part or the outer coating of building valves, which attracts the attention of most of us, factories usually use metals such as brass, bronze, copper, or steel, which is the most common type of steel plating, and other metals are used for special and unique orders.

In lever valves, there is an important part inside the valve called the valve cartridge. The most important function of cartridges is to control the pressure and temperature of water flow. the lever valve cartridge consists of three parts: handle or stem, ceramic discs and chamber. Types and sizes of lever valve cartridges: The types of lever cartridges are almost identical. In fact, it is the only brand that makes a slight difference in the cartridges. But as standard and general size, lever valve cartridges are designed and manufactured in 4 sizes: 25, 35, 40 and 45. The larger the cartridge, the more water flows out of the valve, and vice versa.

I. Variety of Sanitary wares & Cartridges


Two-handle valves are actually the oldest types of valves used in bathrooms and kitchens. The faucet has two handles on either side. It is possible to adjust the water pressure with each knob. But each handle is for cold water or hot water only.


In this model of sanitary valves, the operation of mixing hot and cold water as well as adjusting the water pressure is performed with only one handle


There are two models in terms of valve location: wall valves and standing valves. standing faucets are suitable for installation on the sink or kitchen counter and toilet. wall-mounted sanitary valves are suitable for toilets and bathrooms.


Smart valves are the same eye valves and the level of hygiene in using these valves is very high. In addition, they
have a special mechanism to save water consumption. A lever is placed next to these valves to mix and adjust hot and cold water.


These are the newest types of valves that have entered the market. Equipped with digital display screen that can be used to switch on and off water flow, current intensity, pressure intensity and temperature


Pedal valves are the best option for use in public health services such as airports, mosques, schools, shopping malls, etc. These valves do not need electricity and batteries to operate, and it is enough for the consumer to press his foot on the pedal installed under the toilet.


It is a simple valve that is usually installed before connecting hot and cold-water pipes to mixed valves. Pesar valves are usually either made of brass with nickel chrome plating or made of compressed plastics. Lever
valve cartridge protected.

Smooth movement of the handle (step of not opening the lever or handle) for a long time

Cartridge survival after 500,000 tests (according to European standard EN817)

No penetration of water sediment particles between ceramic plates

Ability to keep water pressure constant while temperature changes

Low noise when working

II. international standards and certificates

III. Production and maintenance process

IV. HS codes

Since sanitary valve cartridges are part of the valve components and components, tariff code 848190 is used for international exchanges and tariff code 84819040 is used for domestic exchanges. It should be noted that the entrance fee for this tariff is 26%.

84818010 Sanitary valves, mixed bath and toilet valve, Pesvar and

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