OMID 6MV Single Energy (Linear Accelerator)

-Accurate treatment of the cancerous area using advanced IMRT technique
-Ultra-advanced bed to adjust the patient in the correct position with high accuracy and in
the shortest time has an advanced control panel that allows complete control of the bed and
-Equipped with a 142-leaf MLC system that allows for more accurate treatment techniques and its delicate design minimizes the impact of radiation on healthy body
tissues. This system also enables the construction of various shapes with very high
-Has ancillary equipment required in radiotherapy such as MLC device, dosimetry
device, laser simulator system, and block cutter device
-Angle of rotation of 0 to 360 degrees of the accelerator arm for complete coverage and
radiation therapy to the cancer cell in all directions, the ability to control the arm
automatically and remotely and manually
-Ability to increase the patient dose up to 6 MV at a rate of 200 MU /min based on Xrays
-Complete patient comfort due to the advanced bed system of the device and the ability to
adjust the patient mode according to the place of radiation is fully automatic
-Has a 3D software system to specify the exact radiographic area exactly and also the
required dose

CT Simulator Laser System


The CT simulator includes a quality diagnostic CT-Scanner, a positioning system/laser
marking, 3D virtualization simulation software, and separate output devices.
Accurate patient marking, precise treatment design, and accurate patient placement are critical factors in successful treatments. Depending on the treatment simulation method, the laser system is used in different stages and methods. Applications of the laser system include the following: Marking on suitable anatomical position, marking reference points, marking the final ISO Center point. In most procedures, when the patient is on the
bed for the first time and his position is stabilized, the desired zero points are marked on
the surface of the skin before the scan and near the tumor site. These points can be used
as a reference point to determine the points of radiotherapy treatment after the scan in the device, also if necessary to check, the movement of the patient being scanned. After
designing the treatment and determining the exact location of the tumor, new reference
points with relative positions are determined and marked relative to the position of the
desired zero points.

Behyaar 3D Water Phantom


-High speed in Setup and initial setting of Water Phantom (by saving the previous
position, etc.)
-Accurate positioning with an accuracy of 0.1 mm with the help of up-to-date systems
(PID encoder system)
-Ability to adjust the voltage of the chambers with an accuracy of 1 volt from ± 50 volts
to ± 400 volts
-Quick filling and emptying with water (about 3 minutes)
-Automatic reservoir shutdown, after emptying the tank or water phantom
-Has Field of View status and profile status in 3DHas automatic and manual setup
-Display parameters in tabular form for easier comparison of parameters
-Ability to apply different filters to captured profiles
-It has four opening arms for the waterfowl table, for more stability

Treatment shield cutting machine (Block Cutter)


-Possibility of cutting four-axis radiotherapy foams with an accuracy of less than 0.5mm.
-Equipped with advanced controller with high speed and accuracy.
-Ability to calculate divergence of each block separately and automatically and do not
interfere with each design .with the adjacent design.
-Ability to change the temperature of the element based on different foams of
radiotherapy With separate fans for cooling the system and suction of chemicals resulting
from cutting radiotherapy foams.
-Ability to monitor the contour on the Block cutter software.
-Simulation of cutting paths before cutting a block.
-Possibility of digital contour transfer from treatment design system to block cutter.
-Ability to design shields from CT Scan – MRI – PET or Fusion image files.
-Auto placement capability for optimal use of foam.
-Equipped with 4 Stepper motors with high precision.
-Equipped with 4 primary positioning sensors with high accuracy and resolution.
-Ability to display the temperature of the element

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