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The TIDOTS is an EMC company

that specializes in consulting and concluding international trade contracts between traders, producers, manufacturers, and exporting or importing companies, both in legal and trading fields of export and import. The company also can advise on the financial, customs, insurance, and transportation sectors of products. The TIDOTS Company guarantees that all matters will be executed in the best possible way from beginning to end the contracts without any problems. All parties to the agreements achieve their reasonable profit. Also, in the case of exporting or importing companies that need legal or trading consulting in any part of the contract, The TIDOTS Company can assist them in concluding an excellent and standard contract to prevent disputes, non-fulfillment of obligations, or possible future problems. These sections in the contracts include the draft, MOU, the parties to the contracts, their knowledge of each other and how to relate, the obligations of the parties and their mandatory duties, guarantees, the scope of the contracts, dispute the resolution, arbitration, force majeure, annexes, and related laws, Chronicles and signatures. Our other expertise is to give advice and guidance to the field of various international trade contracts and helping to have a better recognition of relevant laws and the ICC and ITC rules for the reason that all companies should have enough knowledge and information about these rules if they intend to enter to this field and that’s exactly where we can share our ability to them.

Among the types of international trade contracts, the most important of them areas are as


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