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TIDOTS Promise

We promise you the name of Tidots will be reminiscent of honesty and expertise in your mind.

Our Vission

Anyone with enthusiasm for business and commitment to honesty is a TIDOTS partner, with a sense of usefulness in an intelligent group and environment, to make world a better place.

Our Mission

Creating a link between professionals to provide an intelligent platform where stakeholders can form stable and different relationships with each other by knowing each other's characteristics.

Our Value

Choosing the right path and working hard are essential keys of success. TIDOTS platform streamlines business relationships and increases the efficiency of all business elements.

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From Local To Global

With increasing demand from the overseas market, SMEs should realize the opportunity to grow beyond their local border. Generally, these SMEs do not have the resources to go beyond their domestic markets, no matter how great the possibilities seem. They are unclear about the practices, necessary documentation, and international market scenario. Here, an export trading and management company can help SMEs move to foreign markets under professional guidance.

As a full-service export management services company,

The Soroush Saderat Saman Company with Tidots brand, which acts as an export management company, simultaneously plays the role of marketing and trading arm of its partners, has tried to create a reliable bridge between buyer and professional seller by building an intelligent platform. As a member of your organization, we provide a stable market for the exporter and, on the other hand, high-quality products with a reasonable price for the importer.

The most precious value for Tidots is a team consisting of marketing, technical, legal, financial, and commercial departments which is a combination of experience, professions, youth, and honesty. This value paves the way for all stakeholders who have sufficient knowledge of theirs, and other partners strengthen and weaknesses to make a suitable balance among their organization's resources and markets demands. Ultimately, while responding to all shareholder's needs, this background leads to a permanent commercial relationship with rationale profit and trust feel.

Our Mission

What We Do

Creating a link between professionals

Why We Do It

helping to continue to benefit all stakeholders while creating a sense of distinction in them

How We Do It

Providing an intelligent platform where stakeholders can form stable and different relationships with each other by knowing each other’s characteristics.

Our Value Proposition

Why should you choose us?

1. Utilizing TIDOTS professional teams in the subjects, including technical, financial, legal, and marketing, which work for you as an international trade department, will save time and cost for you and lead to your organization agility.

"You provide the products and leave the rest to us"

2. access to a diverse portfolio of goods from reputable manufacturers along with evaluation of technical specification and comparison with competitors.

"Comfort and a sense of trust are a pleasant combination for buyers"

3. Your direct access to the target market without your physical presence there;

the local members of our company are present in the market as your marketing arm.

"Each target market has its competitive advantage and unique culture; we help you get to know them"

4. Establishing a direct relationship between reputable sellers and professional buyers without intermediaries.

"The extra intermediary always wastes your time and money"

5. Cooperating with TIDOTS as a member of Iran’s chamber of commerce, industries, and mines, and the owner of professionals and valid certifications from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of the Islamic Republic of Iran and tech-export services corridor will provide a friendly and secure atmosphere for you.

"Validity is part of the difference"

6. Widespread networking through collaborating with other EMC and trading companies will expand your influence into target markets.

"Enjoy team working with us"

Our Partners & Clients

Our team

Elyas Toghyani


Soroush Toghyani


Mohamadtaqi Mohamadi

CEO Senior Consultant

Ehsan Toghyani

Legal Affairs Expert

Omid Moazam

chief commercial officer

Vahid Feyz

Technical & Marketing Expert

Alireza Ajami

manager of Electrical sector

Mehrdad Asadi

Manager of medical equipment sector

Sina Esfandeh

manager of Food industry sector

Sara Mohamadi

digital marketing expert
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