Export assessment and planning

Generally, companies can answer the following two critical questions according to their capabilities

1. Does our product or service have the ability to be present in foreign markets?

2. What is our export plan?

We will help you give the most logical answer to the two fundamental questions mentioned by performing two steps Export Readiness Assessment and Export Business Plan Outline

I. Export Readiness Assessment

Export Readiness Assessment as a pivotal step for a successful International Planning The assessment of the Internal Factors is a key point for both Market Selection and Market Entry Strategy

Following the model of international best practices, the ERA (Export Readiness Assessment) questionnaire can assess the readiness of an SME to face the opportunities and challenges of export. Once the questionnaire is completed, immediate feedback is obtained on the strengths of the company, as well as any weak points that need to be improved.

The success of a company's internationalization process is significantly determined by:

1.Export Readiness of the company, in terms of competitiveness and resources

2.correct evaluation of the company’s Internal Factors, which is fundamental to be able both to identify the foreign markets in which the company is most likely to succeed and the related entry mode. Company Internal Factors that we evaluate including:

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Although it might prove difficult or perhaps too early to provide solid answers for all these points of consideration all at once, it is certainly important to begin to develop an outline of what your companies intent is and support it on a daily basis

II. Export Business Plan Outline

An export business plan aims to prepare companies, primarily middle and small, to enter the international marketplace or better organize their existing international business activity. Tidots try to use this type of plan as a step-by-step guide to lead your company through exporting products and services to international markets. parts of an export business plan are:

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