Export Support

Not all companies are capable of finding opportunities across borders. That is why we are here. We extend you our unlimited support to grow your business. We are available to guide you through each step of your international expansion, showing you the right direction.

I. Coordinate and support you at trade fairs and exhibitions

As your global partner, we accompany you to various international trade fairs and exhibitions, extending all support types. We help you partner with the right people at such forums and carry out negotiations on your behalf.

II. Manage your business relations

TIDOTS has a motivated and multilingual marketing team who can travel with you to your business meetings anywhere in the world and help you with discussions. They allow you to communicate with your partners and customers professionally, creating a lasting impression on them thus, benefiting your business.

III. Team and experience

We work in three-person teams around your case, one in or near your home country who speaks your language, the export developer in your target country, and we also have a colleague join the team with expertise in your industry.

IV. Export certification system

One of our essential international export consulting services includes guiding you to obtain an international certification for your products.

Pair your certification with a traceability system

At TIDOTS, we help you get the required certifications necessary to sell your products in the selected countries to avoid inconvenience during customs.

Get your products the recognition they deserve

Your products can be authenticated and differentiated from counterfeit by acquiring reasonable standards and international certificates mark. Your customers get the confidence that they are purchasing original products.

Receive necessary certifications

You can also couple your certification with a code that can trace the details regarding your product. By scanning the code, customers can trace the origin of the product and view the manufacturer’s profile and contact information.

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