International Sourcing

International procurement and global sourcing:
We find the right manufacturers and service providers

With our international network, knowledge of local markets, and contacts with various exporters Alliance experts can also help you source the right products or services abroad. We have a straightforward approach for this.

It all starts with your requirements

Our primary concern is that you get the products or services you need against proper conditions and reputable parties. Therefore, we first start with defining the type of manufacturer or service provider that you are looking for. We also make an estimate with you of the purchasing volume and duration of the sourcing contract. We also list what you want to know about the offerings to base your decision on.
If you already have a country in mind where you want to source, we will start there. If not, we will look together with you based on wage levels, trading data, and proximity what would be the best country, to begin with.

Technical evaluation of the product

We have technically checked the product before ordering. Quality assurance and time-saving is the goal that Tidots has fixed for you through the following steps;


  1. conformity of technical product specifications with international standards
  2. Product comparison with world-renowned brands and manufacturers
  3. Interview and get feedback from current consumer

We use our network to find the right vendors.

Once we have your requirements clear, we will send them to our colleagues in the focus countries. They will start checking their network, approaching companies, and seeing whether they are interested in providing more information or making a bid. We make appointments with the short-listed companies for you. We join you in the video conference calls to the short-listed companies and help you during the meetings. This way, we try to optimize the communication between you and the vendors.

You pay us mainly based on results

We will charge you a limited fixed amount for our preparations. This way, we are formally working for you, and this also shows towards vendors that you are sincerely looking to do business.
The majority of our payment will be based on results. You will pay a percentage of the purchasing volume to us, based on the type of product and the project value. This way, we are motivated to present you with the best candidates to deal with them quickly.

We make sure you get the right product delivered

After finding your business partner in the sourcing country, Alliance experts can act as a local extension of your team, working part-time for your company and keeping in close contact with you. We can represent you, take proper communication, monitor your business partners on the ground, and do troubleshooting. We can support you in the vendor (re)negotiations, local checks, and resolving shipping and customs clearance issues. Whenever you come over, we will join you to optimize your visits.

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