Export Development

Proper allocation of your organization’s resources to different sectors to participate in international markets increases your efficiency.  Tidots strives to identify your competitive advantage in each target market by optimizing your product according to market needs. We make this joint through the following;

I. Technical evaluation of the product

We will assist you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your product through the following steps and make the necessary improvements. in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your product through the following steps and make the necessary improvements.

1. conformity of products specifications with international standards
2.Product comparison with world-renowned brands and manufacturers
3.Interview and get feedback from your current consumers

II. Country comparison: what is the best country to do business in?

Whether you want to start or increase your export, source internationally, or invest, you must select the right market first.

1.First orientation

If you want to export, you need to know what drives your products or services. For cybersecurity training, you may have to look at the countries with the most prominent IT industry. For hearing aids, the countries with the most aging population are relevant. If you want to source products, you can look at wage levels and customs data to determine where you get the best deal.

You can download our Country selection guide, with a list of 64 countries recommended to do business in for mid-sized and smaller companies or order our World Trade Analytics report for your specific product.

  1. The  suitability of your product or service in their markets. Is your offering useful, and does it fit the local culture, habits, or trends?
  2. Publicly available data on market size, to get a first impression.
  3. Possible distribution channels.
  4. Analyze the competition
  5. Potential competition and their price range.
  6. General recommendations for this market

2.Market Quick Scan

If you want to know your chances in several countries, we can do a quick market scan for you without doing extensive market research. With our quick market scan, you don’t need to travel to get an excellent first impression. Our local partners in as target countries as you like will dive into your product or service and report on the following: 

This results in a one-page document per country(see example). If you have any specific questions or points of attention, we will try to answer them as good as possible.

3.Regulatory scan

If you want to know for one or more countries the relevant regulations and what certifications are needed to sell your product, use our “Regulatory Scan.” This brings you essential information to ensure that you put your efforts in the right markets.

With our Regulatory Scan, you don’t need to dive yourself into the legal, bureaucratic procedures in the local language of the target country. Instead, our local partners in as target countries as you like will scan the local regulations and report on the following:

This results in a document per country of few pages long. If you have any specific questions or points of attention, we will try to answer them as good as possible.

  1. Are the licenses, permits, certifications, and tests from your own country accepted in the target country? Or do you need to do them again in the target country?
  2. What are general regulations, laws, and restrictions on labeling and user instruction?
  3. Should the involved documents be translated into the local language(s)?
  4. In what product category is your product seen? Is that a choice? How does this affect the regulations and market potentials?
  5. Recommendations on how to proceed with the regulations in this country. E.g., do you need a law firm, customs broker, local distributor, or start your legal entity?

4. Conduct test marketing

By selecting a few international companies, we send them samples of your work and make reports with their feedback.

III. Select Agents or distributors that sell in the target market

After selecting your target market, you need to form a local expert team to introduce and penetrate your product in the market well with its extensive communication and networking. Tidots will take care of this for you by taking steps;

1. Your personal export developer

One of our team will serve as your local export developer, who will set up your distribution channels, get your sales going and expand your coverage. You can see him or her as a part-time employee, for a few months or for longer, as well as you do not need to worry about expensive legal fees, bureaucratic issues, language miscommunications, or costly physical logistic concerns and you can monitor and manage it all from the comfort of your current office.

2. Agents or distributors that sell

If you already have a proven offering and your export processes are in place, we will help you apply it in new countries. Agents or distributors, dealers, or franchisees are essential to get exposure in the market. We will not only find them but also make sure they will sell for you. This is what our local export developers typically will do:


  1. Preparing a market verification report and entry strategy
  2.  Compiling a long list of potential partners
  3.  Finding at least three interested and suitable agents or distributors


  1. Joining you in the first calls with potential partners
  2. Working to a contract and first order
  3. Setting up local distributor management


  1. Finding more distribution channels
  2. Additional business development and public relations
  3. Channel target setting and management
If necessary, we can intensify our activities to get faster results. We will have monthly calls with you to discuss our progress and align with your goals.


More cost-efficient than hiring your staff

You can see us as the temporary and part-time extension of your team. Hiring us gives the following benefits:

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