Pasta is a general name and refers to all dough products made from wheat flour, such as pasta, spaghetti, vermicelli, lasagna, and noodles.

 High-Quality pasta is prepared from semolina flour and has different divisions in terms of shape and appearance. For example, hollow and tube-shaped pasta is called macaroni, which has now been discontinued in Iran, and what is available in the market today is a variety of spaghetti.

 Grains products such as bread and rice due to their complex carbohydrates and having a lower glycemic index than these materials with a gradual effect on An increase in blood sugar does not cause it to ride suddenly, and in addition to delaying the feeling if hunger, it provides fuel for the muscles for a longer period.

 Different Types of Pasta:
1. Fussili pasta or Fussili spring pasta
2. Macaroni or tubular pasta (can be short, long, narrow, or thick) Macaroni
3. Spaghetti (it differs from pasta in that it is thicker)
4. fettuccine or tagliatelle. Fettuccini
5. Scallop or oyster shell
6. Farfalle butterfly or Papillon bow tie
7. Hose or penne
8. Caviar or dot couscous
9. Elbow
10. Lasagna (wide pasta) Lasagna
11. Rigatoni (pasta that has grooves on them and is prepared in different types )

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