Grading of Tiles


 The tile is graded using a numerical number system based on its thickness and quality Grade 1 is the highest quality and the thickness of the available tiles is 3.4 inches, and you can use them anywhere. Grade 2 indicates that there are some defects, but the tile is still usable on the wall or floor. These tiles are about 0.5 inches thick. Grade 3 tiles are the thinnest, 0.25 inches thick, and are only suitable for wall use.

Degree of coverage and scratch resistance:
Resistance is rated with “PEI” numbers.
Tile rated I or II is not suitable for installation on a surface.
Floor tile must be rated III or higher for residential use.
Highest rating, IV is recommended for high-traffic commercial floors.
PEI rating applies only to glazed tiles.
Glazed and unglazed tiles are rated for scratch resistance and hardness. It is recommended.

Water absorption:
 The water absorption score of the tile helps you know if the tile is suitable for installation in your room. The rating is calculated based on how much water the tile absorbs. For wet areas, including patios, the tile must be impermeable. In combination with the water absorption score, the tile is rated for cold resistance. Glass and impermeable tiles are resistant to cold because they do not absorb enough water.

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