Unoliths are usually made for chromite (metal) or cement joist roofs. Their shape and appearance are similar, and in their lower part, there are grooves for better plastering of the unoliths. It is good to know that the weight of the roof monolith in each block is about 7-8 kg.

– The dimensions of the cement joist roof monolith are 200 x 50 x 25 cm, and its side heel is 4 x 3 cm.
– In this way, the dimensions of Chromite 25 ceiling tile are 100*66 cm, and the heel of its edge is about 3*1 cm in length and width.
– The weight of each of the ceiling tiles is the same per cubic meter.
– At present, the standard fireproof unolite is the best type of ceiling unolite.
– They are very light and light in weight, so that the density of each block of non-combustible roofing is 12.
– It’s good to know that standard fireproof Unolites can withstand a direct flame for up to 20 minutes, but will quickly melt after that. Therefore, when you intend to buy a roof monolith, it is better to get the fireproof and standard type.

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