Doors & Windows

One of Tidots’s specialties is windows & doors. Let’s get to know these products a bit more! 

I. windows Identifications

Windows are holes embedded in the wall that is used to let air and light in and also to see the outside view. Windows also increase the beauty of the building. In the construction of windows, it is used to allow light to enter and to see the space outside the glass. Windows are an important part of the covering of a building and must perform several functions. In addition to the primary function of providing natural light and visual communication with the outside, windows are protection against atmospheric factors, abnormal sounds outside the building, etc.

II. Components of a window


the space inside the outer part of the window


Protects the skylight and holds the window

Head beam
  • a bar that is placed above the window
Vertical beams

the vertical parts of the window frame


the lower part of the window frame that is in front of the wall

Vertical part

the vertical part between two window panes

Door stone

the highest part of the frame


the frame that holds the glasses. One of the glasses protected by a sash

III. Doors Identifications

A door is a movable structure used to open and close an entrance or access something inside or outside. It usually consists of an inner part that faces the inside of a space and an outer side that faces the outside of that space. Doors usually consist of a panel that swings on a hinge or slides or rotates inside a space. The main and fundamental purpose of a door is to provide security by controlling access to the desired location. In addition, doors play a special role in preventing the spread of fire, noise, and the beauty of the building

IV. Doors Varieties

Aluminum doors

Fiberglass doors

PVC doors

Wooden doors

 Steel doors

V. International & Domestic Standards

VI. HS code

HS code Description
392520 Doors;windows and their frames and threshols are made of plastic
730830 Doors;windows and their frames and thresholds of iron or steel
761010 Aluminum doors;windows and their frames and thresholds
830210 Fittings;connections and similar items from common metals suitable for PVC and UPVC; double glazed doors and windows
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