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Anesthesia and Respiratory Products

Heat And Moisture Exchanger Filter


This product is made of biocompatible materials.
Ability to absorb heat and moisture.
Reducing the risk of disease transmission and contamination with a filtration percentage of -999.999 viral and bacterial.
It has a CO2 measurement port.
Available in white and green.
The membrane of this product is imported and has the FDA mark.

Jackson-Rees Circuits


Jackson Rees Circuits are also known as Mapleson F circuits.

Mapleson made of bio-compatible materials.
– It has bugs suitable for every age group.
– The tubes of this product are made of medical-grade PVC material.

Catheter Mount


 Cattterment made of biocompatible medical grade PVC and EVA.
It has a suitable design for ease of use.
– It has a rotating connector and a suitable connector for connecting to the ventilator.

 This product is available in the following three models:

Transparent Coating (ETS-15)
Accordion Quartet (ETE-15)
Carogate Catterment (ETC-20)

Nasal Catheter


– Foujamed brand nasal catheter made of medical grade PVC with suitable design.
The ability to supply oxygen from 1 to 6 liters per minute.
Available in two sizes, children and adults.

Jet Nebulizer Set


 The Bubble/Jet Nebulizer moistens oxygen, compressed air, or medications.

It can also be used to nebulize (aerosol-treat) sterile water or medicines.
It offers a less expensive alternative to a breathing aid device.
The unit provides optimal oxygen or humidity levels in either bubble or jet mode.
It has a pressure relief valve with an audible alarm to warn patients and caregivers of flow obstructions.

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