ECG Belt Cable


 This is a practical device whose main body is made of medical-grade silicone. This device is a very suitable and effective alternative to chest electrodes in electrocardiography. The design and construction of this device have been done in such a way that the six conductive chest electrodes are properly placed in the precise location. Due to the elasticity and flexibility of the silicone body, in adult male and female patients of any weight and size, if placed correctly on the patient’s chest, the electrodes will be in their proper location and will provide a clear and noise-free signal to the medical staff in a very short time. The user only needs to be careful in placing electrodes 1 and 2 correctly, which reduces the device’s user error and human error in electrode placement. As a result, regardless of how many times it is repeated, the signals on subsequent ECGs will be completely similar and have better diagnostic value.

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