Conference and Gathering of Russian and Iranian entrepreneurs

On October 26-27, 2022 (Aban 4-5, 1401) Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture sponsored and supported the Conference and Gathering of Russian and Iranian entrepreneurs, which focused on the acquaintance of Russian parties with the capacities of Iranian producers and suppliers. It was under the auspices of the Iran Trade Promotion Organization and was organized by Bidzaar, Exir Global, and Tidots.

Mr. Peyman Pak, head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), and Chief procurement officer (CPO) of Russia, Rustam Ziganshin, were on hand to open the conference. They were also keynote speakers. Mr. Peyman Pak spoke about various ways that Iran and Russia can cooperate to achieve progress and development.  Approximately 120 Iranian and Russian companies from different industries were in attendance. Including some of the most prominent ones such as

Iranian companies:

  • Hamrahe Aval, Irancell, Sairan, Mapna

Russian companies:

Gazprom, Sudruzhestvo Group, VTB, Petropavlovsk

These industries and fields were:

Agriculture, Telecom, Construction, Extractive industry, Healthcare, Packaging, chemical industry

The first day was dedicated to showcasing the existing and newly raised opportunities that were caused by Russia’s worldwide situation.

Bidzaar and Russian companies’ Representatives and senior purchasing managers, who were present at the event, had the opportunity to individually meet with Iranian suppliers to discuss topics and possible partnership opportunities.

Bidzaar is a commercial electronic marketplace, B2B SaaS to automate the procurement of private companies. The creators of Bidzaar call the service an electronic trading platform of a new type, created on the principle of a social network of customers and suppliers of goods and services. It is a platform where tenders of Russian public and private companies are conducted through this site. These tenders are held under the supervision of the CPO Association, which includes senior managers of Russian companies. This association was also present at this event to identify the needs of Iranians and get to know them.

Visits to Iran Khodro and Digikala were arranged on the second day. the purpose of these visits was for the Russian managers to get acquainted with Digikala and Iran Khodro’s Production capacities and capabilities.

Iran Khodro, branded as IKCO, is an Iranian automaker headquartered in Tehran. IKCO was founded in 1962 as Iran National. The public company manufactures vehicles, including Samand, Peugeot, and Renault cars, trucks, minibusses, and buses. As of 2009, it produced 688,000 passenger cars per year.

Digikala is an Iranian e-commerce company based in Tehran, founded in July 2006 by Hamid Mohammadi and Saeid Mohammadi. Digikala started as an online store only selling electronics and digital devices. Now, 15 years on, it has grown to a large group thanks to its wide range of service and product categories and customer centricity; and is considered to be the best e-commerce platform in the Middle East.

Fun activities help develop important business and interpersonal relationships, so to accomplish this goal, and also get familiar with Iranian rich history and culture, our Russian guests visited Tochal, which is a mountain and ski resort located on the Alborz Mountain range, and Darband, a neighborhood inside Tehran’s metropolitan limits, were planned.

Visits to Milad Tower, Niavaran, and Saadat Abad Palaces were also executed to help our guests connect to Iranian culture.

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