Oman Business trip

Mr. Peyman Pak, head of the Iran Trade Promotion Organization, visited Oman and was accompanied by several eligible people who were invited by the Tehran chamber of commerce. The purpose of this trip was to increase trade and contracts between the two countries.

Mr. Peyman Pak and his companions visited the Chamber of Commerce, Ministries and met with Omani businessmen. The Oman Chamber of Commerce had organized a welcome meeting for them and our team had breakfast with top Omani businessmen.

The President of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and the Minister of Commerce gave a speech at this meeting and mentioned the vision of the new ruler of Oman.

The goal of the new ruler of Oman is for Oman to develop like Dubai by 2050, and to achieve this goal, free loans, interest-free loans, and land are granted, and investors are exempted from paying taxes for up to 8 years.

In the following days, B2B meetings were held with several Omani businessmen who were introduced by the ministry, and Mr. Peyman Pak was invited to open an exhibition in the field of trade and decoration. The remarkable thing was that many Iranian companies were present at this exhibition.

A series of talks and negotiations were held on behalf of our representative with Omani businessmen and he was invited to visit one of the prominent pharmaceutical companies in Oman and its warehouses.

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