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Forum meeting between Iranian and Russian automobile and Auto Parts Manufacturers
On August 24th, 2022 (1401-6-2) a forum meeting between Iranian and Russian automobile and Auto Parts Manufacturers was held at the Moscow International Automobile Exhibition Hall. This meeting was organized by Exir Global and Tidots.
According to the purpose of the meeting, which was to familiarize the automobile and Auto Parts Manufacturers of the two countries with each other’s capabilities and needs, the forum was generally divided into 6 sections, which are as follows:

New cooperation conditions
cooperation conditions and opportunities in the field of the automobile industry, between Iran and Russia, were explained. chairman of the meeting, also briefly talked about the history and experience of Iranian companies, especially in terms of sanctions.
Participants’ initial introduction
Each attendee briefly introduced their respective organizations and the purpose of their company’s presence in the forum.
Introducing new services of Sberbank for the development of trade between Iran and Russia
Mr. Komisaro, the representative of Sberbank, introduced the mentioned bank as the largest bank in Russia, and then referring to the agreements made between the high-ranking officials of both countries, he mentioned the services that can be provided to Iranian and Russian companies to carry out operations. One of the most important cases mentioned in this section was the possibility of Russian companies using a Riyal line of credit for importing from Iran and the possibility of settlement of Riyal and Ruble accounts between the parties.
Speeches by Iranian and Russian companies’ representatives
Present Russian companies introduced themselves in more detail and pointed out their primary needs due to conditions caused by sanctions. Iranian companies explained more about their products and emphasized their capabilities in supplying quality parts (including the history of providing parts for the products of the French company Renault) and the existence of various standardized tests and laboratories for checking parts and cars in Iran.
Short meetings between Iranian and Russian representatives
In this section, companies held meetings separately, during which they provided their catalogs and communication channels to other parties.
In the last section, the two issues of payment and common standardization were considered the Achilles heels of Iran and Russia’s cooperation in automobile and Auto Parts.

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