TIDOTS presence at IRAN EXPO 2023

 IRAN EXPO is an international trade event that aims to help companies to export their products, develop new markets, and promote their industries by serving as a platform for trade and commerce in the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the importance of the non-oil export position. It is a four-day event that caters to the trade audience; Iran Expo aims to develop economic relations between Iran and other countries. It targets key sectors and industries which are known to be the producers of high-quality products for export and have more potential for different investments.

 TIDOTS, AS an Export Management Company or EMC, is an intermediary facilitating manufacturers export sales to foreign importers. To achieve this mission, we made new connections and expanded our network with non-Iranian individuals and companies who came from different countries around the world.

  TIDOTS company participated in the exhibition with the following goals:

  1. Evaluating Iranian companies, which were present in this exhibition, in order to complete their product portfolio and supply chain
  2. Getting to know and establishing initial contact with foreign buyers to represent and supply their orders in Iran

 In this exhibition, TIDOTS company met with about 482 companies in the fields of healthcare, oil and gas, food, and construction. Some of the prominent Iranian companies that TIDOTS met, were:

 Construction industry:

1. Kooshk Stone
2. Eram Chehelsotoun Tile
3. Sarouj cement
4. Behran Lift
5. Giti pasand Industrial Group

  Healthcare industry:

1. Saba Shield
2. Nano Hesgar Sazan Salamat Arya
3. Omid Azin Iranian
4. Anti-biotic Sazan Iran
5. AVITA Wheelchairs

  Oil and Gas industry:

1. Abhar Petrochemical Company
2. Tabriz Petrochemical Company
3. Piran Polymer pars
4. Abrahe Gostar Company
5. Tabriz Azma Company

  Food industry:

1. Zar holding
2. Tak Makaron
3. Ghostiran Meat Industry
4. BehineWazin (Mahgol)
5. Mojtaba Food Industries Holding

 TIDOTS was able to reach initial agreements with some of these companies, and it was decided that these matters would be followed up after the exhibition.

 Based on the meetings that were held, it seems that the value of the agreements resulting from this exhibition in the 4 fields of healthcare, oil and gas, food, and construction, is about 10 million dollars.

 In addition to major Iranian companies, a number of prominent organizations and non- Iranian individuals that met with TIDOTS were:

  Construction industry:

1. WEGEP / Kanibolotskaya Ekaterina
2. Neel construction and industries LTD / Yousuf Jeeva

  Healthcare industry:

1. ABC Phamacy LTD / Dr. John Muturi
2. YANET MESFIN plc / Mesfin Letyebalu
3. Ashkim / Hannan Million

  Oil and Gas industry:

1. Heibet Altaj Gen TRD CO LTD / Hassan Salman
2. Maxwell Energy / Adilbek Nurgaliyev
3. Nazia Global / Vadim Daianov
4. COAS International / Woura Issabere

   Food industry:

1. Joy Food / Adel Maddahi
3. Nado / Nadezhda AKIMOVA
5. Progress Agro / Mikhail Korolev
6. Paritet Agro / Artem Mastnev


1. Embassy of Uganda
2. Embassy of Tanzania
3. Oman Chamber of Commerce
4. Tehran Chamber of Commerce
5. Foreign Trade Center of Russia
6. Tanzania Investment Centre
7.  Embassy of Italy


1. ministry of industry and trade of the russian federation / Dimitry Ezhov
2. Burkina Faso Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Fousseni Kone
3. BNN Group Limited / Paul F. Koyi
4. Global BTP & FILS / Hassan Tanko
5. QSS INC LLC / Tulegen Murzabekov
6. CIFCA / Prof. Muhammed H. Khalfan

So far, the meetings have had positive results and have led to successful exports. A number of agreements and exports are:

1. export of petroleum products to Pakistan,
2. medical equipment to Uganda,
3. and food products to Oman.

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