1. What is an export management company?


An export management company is one of the types of export intermediaries that play a role in helping enterprises to enter worldwide markets and increase the export of goods or services of enterprises. Depending on the conditions and needs, these companies can manage all or parts of the export activities, especially small and medium enterprises.


  1. Why is it necessary for manufacturers to cooperate with export management companies?


Manufacturing and service companies need services such as marketing, brand development, attracting investors, entering international markets, etc., to gain and improve their position in domestic and foreign markets.


Carrying out all these activities has risks and needs trial and error to operate in these areas, which is not justified and cost-effective for most producers.


Here, the key role of export management companies is revealed, which, with their development-oriented cooperation, assures manufacturers that they can facilitate development and export for them.




  1. What services do Tidots provide?


  • Export assessment and planning
  • Export development
  • Export Commercial
  • Export support
  • Legal affairs
  • Digital marketing and E-commerce
  • International sourcing


  1. What fields do Tidots offer services in?


  • Oil and gas industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Construction industry
  • Food industry



  1. What are Tidots’ target countries?


Our target countries include the CIS markets (Russia), Iraq, Oman, Kenya, Indonesia, and India.



  1. How can you contact us?

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